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As Requested by Racers!

TechWest Racing Services would like to announce effective 9/20/13.

we will be adding the Davis Traction Control systems line to the list of equipment TechWest Racing Services offers.

After all the calls we have had this season asking if we carried the Davis Technologies equipment. It was decided to make the addition to what TechWest Racing Services can offer to the racing community.

Our Tracs device options will always be our Flagship system. So which ever direction you would like to go with your racing program TechWest Racing Services can help you get there!

Davis Traction Control Page


TRACS : Traction Control Alternative            



Click Here to see a Benchtest video if your considering traction control!

tracs0603.JPG steeringwheel1214.JPG

TRACS                                                                                  Remote Controlled! 


Since of Feb 2007 we have over 500 units competing in racing competition.     

 Current Price List     


Read this:Traction Control definition

The term "traction control" implies there is feedback to an automatic TC unit that knows how much wheel spin exists at any given point in time and the TC device reacts to produce the desired result: reduced tire spin. By this definition, TRACS is not  "traction control" at all. The big difference between true Electronic Traction Control and TRACS would be the racer is still calling the shots with the unit & can still overpower the tires and lose traction and control at anytime.

TRACS vs traction control spec's:

Operating voltage range: 12vdc - 18vdc

Current draw: 185ma

Size: 2 1/4 inches long x 1 inch square                                               

Alternative to traction control!

Could you use a 2 tenths of second better lap time on asphalt? ( Circle Track/Road Racing) For Dirt/Clay can you use 1.5 tenths of a second better lap time? If Drag Racing is your arena could you use better/more consistant launches also a tool for the Top End Game! If you have answered yes to any of the above then read on.  

Made for Analog MSD®Ignitions  as an alternative to Traction Control

What is TRACS? A manual/analog racer activated race engine restrictor rather than traction control. By connecting TRACS to the Small Red wire (a switched+12vdc) of a analog MSD®Ignition. The racer has the ability to effect acceleration of the competion platform via a switch and restrict the analog MSD®Ignitions maximum output performance from 3000 rpm to 9,000 rpm at any point in time. There by restricting the race engines acceleration to its maximum output during that particular point in time as well as decreasing the race engines power output by an average of 10 to 12 percent.  Once the driver decides its time to return to normal operation they just simply turn off the unit and the analog MSD®Ignition will again reach its full output performance. During activation you will notice a slight engine tone or note change but  this is the only indication. This to is what makes our unit different from any other acceleration or traction control available. You will  also feel the race engine throttle response go flat. This is totally different than any other acceleration or traction control available today. From trackside a fellow racer may notice your race vehicle is acting like it has a poorly charged battery or has a plug wire loose. Once again we offer a unique new design, which acts and performs like no other system or traction control available today.   

TRACS an option to running Traction Control  

For the more technically inclined TRACS effects the acceleration effort by changing the  Slew-Rate of a MSD®Ignition. The TRACS unit not being traction control can be attached to any Competition engine with points, Magnetic triggering, or Crank triggering. The term Slew Rate is used to define the maximum rate of change (amount of voltage produced over a period of time) an ignition amplifier's output voltage with respect to its input voltage.  With this in mind TRACS performs as a acceleration not traction control device and has the ability when engaged to effect the performance output of the MSD®Ignition without any of the unwanted negative side effects. TWRS is proud to be able to offer an affordable option to the market.

What TRACS  Will Not cause during normal operation vs traction control:  a Lean Condition, An engine Load Up condition, Unsettle the Chassis, Cause popping out of the Exhaust System.This is like no other traction control equipment on the market today.

Results you can expect while using TRACS vs a traction control option in your program.

Circle Track : Improved corner exit speed, deeper corner entrance, improved poor track conditions driving (slick, greasy or wet).

Drag Racing: Improved finishline fendering/breakout techniques(Bracket & Index), improved tire shake control.

Road Racing: Improved handling during wet condition racing (rain), deeper corner entrance speed, and improved corner exit speed.

What TRACS not being traction control  Can Not Do:

Retard or Advance the engine timing, Collect Data,Store Data,Transmit or Display Data. 

Attention Racer:

Our product is a custom built part making it an affordable option to a true traction control piece for your competion platform. We need to know the following information at time of purchase to properly build your TRACS unit:

What version of a analog MSD®Ignition box?

What Battery voltage? (12,14,16 or 18vdc) 

What Sparkplug Gap?

What Ignition Coil?

Which trigger input on the MSD®Ignition? Magnetic (Purple& Green wires) or Points/Amplifier (White wire) 

We currently have a build time of about 7 to 10 days from point of purchase before we  ship can the alternative to traction control equipment.

Disclaimer: Repairs made to MSD ® ignitions by TechWest Racing Services, not an authorized repair or warranty provider. Also MSD ® is a federally registered trademark of Autotronic Controls Corporation and TechWest is not affiliated with Autotronic Controls Corporation